Amadilis Rocio Hernandez Lorenzo

Amadilis is originally from the Department of Quetzaltenango and was selected as a GOJoven Fellow when she was 20 years old. Amadilis is in her sixth semester of secondary education La Universidad Panamericana. Amadilis has experience as a facilitator, volunteer, and member of the Ministerial board and has facilitated topics in self-esteem, reproductive health, contraceptive methods, legal frameworks, identity, teen pregnancies, and youth life planning for the Department of Quetzaltenango. Amadilis is a leader, defender, and advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, particularly for the young people in her community. Thanks to her work at the OSAR and the MINEDUC, other adolescents were certified as facilitators in Integral Education in Sexuality EIS at the National level. Amadilis’ leadership is inclusive and critical, striving to democratically facilitate to seek solutions. Amadilis’ goal is to replicate what she has learned in GOJoven, all the techniques and methodology, to approach different groups.

Posted in Guatemala 2018.

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