GOJoven Case Study


“A Case Study of the GOJoven Youth Leadership in Sexual and Reproductive Health Program: Securing Sustainability”

Published in 2020, GOJoven International now tells its story in the form of a Case Study. The case is a teaching tool about securing sustainability of innovative youth programming. It dives into key topics including global health, sustainability, youth leadership development, sexual and reproductive health and rights, organizational design, governance, and change management.

The publication includes teaching notes for use in instructional settings, available in a separate document. The case is published in full color for digital/online use and in black & white for classroom use. Click to download:

Case Study (full color)

Case Study (B&W)

Teaching Notes


Summary & Learning Objectives

This case documents the development and sustainability of an innovative youth leadership development program run by the Public Health Institute – the Youth Leadership Development in Sexual and Reproductive Health (GOJoven) Program – in four Mesoamerican countries: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It delineates the challenges facing program stakeholders in 2011-12, during the initial leadership transition and sustainability planning period, and again in 2018-2019, as those stakeholders become even more autonomous in their replication of the program at the local level. They have grappled with questions such as the following: What should be their path forward? What is the best approach to sustaining and expanding the reach of the GOJoven program and its aims? Can GOJoven survive and grow successfully with the proposed strategy, organization(s), and funding streams? What are GOJoven’s assets and potential obstacles? A productive class discussion will allow students to appreciate the notable features of this youth leadership development program, the factors underpinning its genesis and design, and the challenges the model faces in charting a path to longer-term sustainability.


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