Cristhian Alessandro Roldan Lanfray

Alessandro is originally from Palin, Escuintla and was selected as a GOJoven fellow when he was 17 years old. He is an accounting student and has completed nine English courses at CALUSAC. In 2017, Alessandro began to show interest in the topic of Sexual Health, specifically HIV. He volunteers at a Spanish foundation that works on the subject and congratulates him on his work. Alessandro has always shown a strong interest in literature, which is why he started writing books and receives a very good feedback from his friends. In November of the same year, he received a call to participate in a training process in political advocacy for the promotion and defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights. This scholarship has brought him a lot of knowledge such as empowerment about social injustices and visibility of the youth population. GOJoven Guatemala gave him another opportunity to promote and provide contraceptive methods and counseling for Sexual and Reproductive Health when he participates in another convocation to be held in Lima, Peru. It consists of 10 days in which it will be formed in a process of political advocacy for the defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights, as well as participation in the third assembly on Population and Development. Alessandro believes it is now or never to show interest in these issues that he is passionate about.

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