GOJoven Training Curriculum

The GOJoven Training Curriculum is a comprehensive trainer’s manual developed from 2004 to 2020 in partnership with The Summit Foundation. It supported the Public Health Institute’s implementation of an intensive and dynamic multi-year leadership training fellowship program – The Youth Leadership in Sexual and Reproductive Health (GOJoven) Program – in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Quintana Roo, Mexico, since 2004.

GOJoven's Resource Team of international and local trainers and certified graduates of GOJoven's Training of Trainers (TOT) process developed this indispensable resource to equip young leaders with the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to advance adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights (ASRHR) programs, policies and services in their communities and region.  Initially GOJoven International, and later the newly formed independent GOJoven Alumni Associations, used this curriculum to jointly train and graduate over 400 GOJoven Alumni Fellows throughout Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

Published for the first time in 2020, GOJoven International is excited to share the English version of this unique curriculum and make it available to other programs and institutions working to strengthen youth leadership to advance ASRHR around the world.

A key component of the GOJoven Fellowship is knowledge acquisition and application. GOJoven participants learn concrete skills and apply them in their own work with young people, thereby strengthening their own leadership capacities and directly impacting adolescents in their communities. To that end, the GOJoven Training Curriculum includes three 8-day modules that, historically, were delivered approximately every four months during the GOJoven Fellowship year. Each module builds on the information and skills imparted during the preceding one to increasingly develop young people’s competency to advance ASRHR.  

Woven throughout the three modules are training sessions that focus on the three primary, critical themes that make up the foundation of the GOJoven Fellowship Program. The sessions are color coded to enable easy identification of the theme:

  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights 
  • Program planning, implementation, and evaluation
  • Leadership 

To learn more about how to use this curriculum, read the full Overview Chapter in the downloadable PDF publication.

The Public Health Institute is interested in continuing to implement this curriculum in English, Spanish and French-speaking countries. To partner with our organization, please contact us at: programs@phi.org. If you or your institution plan to use this curriculum, please contact us for more information and supplementary resources, also at: programs@phi.org.

Click the images below to download the full curriculum or each individual module separately.

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Module 1

Module 2

Module 3