Evelyn Yessenia Texaj Perez

Evelyn is originally from Chimaltenango and was selected as a GOJoven Fellow when she was 23 years old. She has academic training in office management, and has received a diploma in collective communication. Evelyn has worked with girls and youth regarding sexual and reproductive rights, advocacy, self-esteem and contraceptive methods. Evelyn will continue to give talks and workshops on SHRR because she strives to work in the youth office in her municipality to generate a friendly space for young women. With time, Evelyn has realized that the actions that she carries out in her community are part of her local reputation. Evelyn is collaborative, affable, and dynamic. Evelyn acknowledges that the training she has received at GOJoven helped her to be a more critical and assertive person in her career.

Posted in Guatemala 2018.

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