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GOJoven is a pioneer in youth leadership development and mobilization. The GOJoven model is youth-led, local, diverse, and inclusive. Since 2004, GOJoven has been building the capacity of young leaders and organizations to create positive change in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) programs, policies, and services in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and Quintana Roo, Mexico.

In 2011 the GOJoven Belize Fellows established the GOJoven Belize Alumni Association (GOBelize) a new youth-led and youth-serving organization.

GOBelize Alumni AssociationFact Sheets

Meet the Fellows:

  • We are pleased to introduce the newest cohort of GOBelize Fellows from 2015!
  • Read more about the GOBelize Alumni Fellows here.

GOBelize Fellows are guided by the following mission and vision.


GOBelize commits itself to contribute to the increase in knowledge of sexual reproductive health, enhance leadership skills and promote environmental consciousness in Belizean youth in order to stimulate positive behavior change and communication in an atmosphere of fellowship.


GOJoven Belize Alumni Association will be a sustainable, leading and proactive organization for the empowerment of young leaders in sexual reproductive health and environmental consciousness for a healthier Belize.

Strategic Focus:

  • Develop youth-led leadership, SRH, and environmental awareness programs that respond to the current needs of Belizean youth and communities, with a focus on specialized training
  • Create platforms that allow the cadre of GOJoven Belize Alumni to advocate for better ASRH projects, services, and policies in Belize, through their active participation, commitment, and leadership
  • Provide employment, consultation and education opportunities to enhance the professional development of the GOJoven Belize Alumni
  • Lead research projects that investigate the implementation by governmental entities of International conventions/treaties and national policies and laws that should ensure youth access to SRH knowledge and services and youth participation in environmental consciousness programs

Achievements of GOBelize:

  • image001Organized & launched the first youth-run, youth-serving ASRH non-governmental organization in Belize, with graduated fellows serving as board members & staff
  • Modified the existing GOJoven youth leadership development model to create an English language program that trained 5 cohorts resulting in 47 new youth leaders, many community service providers, to improve ASRH & advocate for youth friendly services & comprehensive sexuality education
  • Created a National Alumni Network with over 42 youth leaders actively working to advance ASRH in their communities & country
  • Reached over 9,000 youth & adolescents in all districts of Belize by providing ASRH trainings & information to youth to reduce adolescent pregnancy, HIV & other STI transmission
  • Served on 5 district committees of the National AIDS Commission, all working to advance ASRH and HIV prevention at the national level, and on the Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in Belize, contributing to the HIV/AIDS country grant and proposals, alongside key, multisectoral HIV/AIDS stakeholders from across the country
  • Advocated to expand the UNDP target age for HIV-prevention education among out-of-school youth in response to data showing that younger adolescents are sexually active, and provided HIV prevention education to 4,100 out-of-school at-risk youth through the UNDP-funded “Youth Empowerment Project”, reaching the most remote communities
  • Increased support from the National Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health for broad implementation of Belize’s pilot comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) curriculum in high schools, by convening multi-stakeholder dialogues and advocating for the importance of CSE for youth development
  • Developed a peer education program of the 4-H Youth Development Center, which was integrated into their curriculum and reached over 2,500 youth with SRH information
  • Reduced pregnancy-related school drop outs at Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College in Corozal by integrating ASRH into the school curriculum and creating an ASRH Club for extra-curricular student engagement, as the result of a GOJoven Belize Leadership Action Plan and GOJoven Institutional Strengthening seed funding
  • Contributed to the Ministry of Health’s 2014-2024 National Health Sector Strategic Plan of Belize by directing a Knowledge, Attitudes, & Practice survey with 900 youth
  • Forged a collaborative membership with the Women’s Issues of Belize (WIN-Belize) network to develop joint advocacy for the improvement of social and economic opportunities for women, including women’s access to leadership roles in government and civil society

Organizational Bulletins – Download below!

Contact GOBelize

Eva Burgos, Executive Director, GOJoven Fellow

Elmer Cornejo, Board President, GOJoven Fellow

Address:              B.E.S.T. Building, Belmopan City, Cayo District, Belize
Telephone:           011 (501) 802-1444
Email:                  gojovenbelize@gmail.com
Facebook:            www.facebook.com/gojoven.belize
Web:                    www.gojoven.org/gobelize