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GOJoven Honduras promotes comprehensive development to improve the quality of life of adolescents and youth through capacity-building, collective advocacy and a focus on guaranteeing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all youth in Honduras.


GOJoven Honduras strives to be a nationally and internationally recognized organization that drives cutting edge and evidence-based political, social, and cultural transformation, with emphasis on promoting sexual and reproductive rights to guarantee comprehensive development for the diverse populations of Honduras.

Strategic Focus:

  • Comprehensive Development: Train, inform, and educate youth and adolescents about SRHR, employment, professionalism, public safety, and the environment.
  • Institutional Strengthening: Build organizational capacity in order to respond to the social demands of youth and adolescents in Honduras.
  • Advocacy: Advocate for compliance with national and international development policies, with particular emphasis on youth and SRHR.
  • Resource Mobilization: Obtain financial, human, and logistical resources to amplify coverage of GOJoven Honduras initiatives.

Meet the GOJoven Fellows in Honduras:

  • Read about the GOJoven Alumni Fellows in Honduras here.
  • Learn about their inspiring community leadership projects, called Leadership Action Plans, here.


Select achievements of GOJoven Honduras:

  • Reached over 26,000 youth and adolescents throughout Honduras with SRHR trainings and information to reduce adolescent pregnancy, HIV transmission and sexually transmitted infections, through workshops, health fairs and action campaigns
  • Opened youth friendly spaces and clinics to meet the SRH needs of thousands of adolescents and youth, and developed radio and television programming to inform thousands of youth of their SRHR
  • Created three Departmental Youth Platforms and one National Youth Platform, made up of 95 youth from 6 departments who were trained by GOJoven Honduras and actively volunteer in the organization’s advocacy efforts
  • Joined the Technical Working Group on Adolescent Pregnancy, the reform process for the National Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy, and the monitoring process for the implementation of the Ministerial Declaration “Preventing through Education”, among other spaces where they worked in partnership with the Ministries of Health and Education, Members of Congress, the First Lady of Honduras, the National Women’s Institute (INAM), local governments and municipal women’s offices to address priority ASRH topics
  • Led advocacy campaigns for legalizing Emergency Contraception (EC) in Honduras and participated in the Strategic Group for EC Legalization (GE-PAE), working alongside Members of Congress from across the country to improve public opinion and acceptance among decision-makers
  • Advocated alongside local and international coalitions to ensure that comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is part of secondary school curricula, created interactive training tools to offer expanded SRH education, and trained teachers to provide CSE especially in rural areas
  • Leveraged grant funding to create and implement innovative initiatives to reduce HIV transmission in LGBTQI youth and gender-based violence in public and private spheres
  • Designed and implemented a five-module training program in SRH and EC that they used to sensitize 19 teachers in Francisco Morazan department in 2017 on diverse SRHR and Human Rights topics so they could serve as a resource to high school students in their schools
  • Worked in partnership with Creative Associates International, USAID, ASHONPLAFA, CARE, Plan International Honduras, PAHO, UNFPA, UN Women, AJEM, Public Health Institute, The Summit Foundation, Global Fund for Children, and the World Bank, among others


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Licda Alvarez, Executive Director, GOJoven Fellow

Lesbia Yamileth Cáceres, Board President, GOJoven Fellow

Office: Col. Altos de Miramontes, Diagonal Frisco, Lote No. W-20, casa 1340, color verde; contiguo a Cascadas Mall, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Telephone: +504-2235-9610
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