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About GOJoven:

GOJoven is a pioneer in youth leadership development and mobilization. The GOJoven model is youth-led, local, diverse, and inclusive. Since 2004, GOJoven has been building the capacity of young leaders and organizations to create positive change in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) programs, policies, and services in Quintana Roo, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.

In 2013 the GOJoven Mexico Fellows established Mexico y Caribe Jovenes (GOJoven México), a new youth-led and youth-serving organization.

Fact Sheets:

GJ MEX logo_2Meet the Fellows:

  • We are pleased to introduce the newest cohort of GOJoven Mexico Fellows from 2015!
  • Read more about the GOJoven Alumni Fellows in Mexico here.

GOJoven Mexico Fellows are guided by the following mission and vision.


To empower adolescents and young people in Mexico to exercise their human rights, particularly their sexual and reproductive health rights.


We envision a country where adolescents and youth are healthy, informed and exercising their human rights with access to high quality and youth-friendly health services and sex education within a larger framework of sustainable development.

Strategic Focus: 

  • Impact programs, services, and policies around ASRH and strengthen public health and education systems at the community, departmental, national, and regional level  in Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  • Improve ASRH outcomes in Quintana Roo, Mexico, by training youth, educators, and service providers in ASRH.
  • Support sustainable development of youth leadership and capacity in ASRH.

Where we work

Achievements of GOJoven in Quintana Roo:

  • Hosted a community service event catering to mothers, children, and young adolescents in the Mayan communities of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Tulum, with support from the Buckner Foundation. In addition to distributing food, medical supplies, and other resources to vulnerable families, GOJoven Mexico led activities throughout the day that promoted human rights and focused on environmental conservation.
  • Trained 24 young people 15-25 years old from different parts of Quintana Roo through the “Political Training Process for Youth 2018” program, supported by the CAMY Fund, SEEDSSA and RedElige. The program focused on topics including political advocacy, social media movements, media, human rights, and SRHR.
  • Implemented 9 community-based Leadership Action Plans that directly trained and educated more than 3,000 youth and adolescents, particularly marginalized indigenous youth, throughout Quintana Roo with ASRH trainings and information to reduce adolescent pregnancy, HIV transmission, and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Implemented campaigns each year for National Adolescent Health Week and International Youth Day, with reach over 1,000 adolescents and youth, are designed by youth and developed in partnership with civil partnership with civil society organizations and government.
  • Opened a youth-friendly space to improve access to health services and ASRH information for close to 1,000 youth, most of whom are indigenous.
  • Strengthened the skills of 30 youth promoters in the Maya community Chunhuhub, who reached 200 adolescent students from the community with SRH and SRR training.
  • Trained the first generation of 12 young fellows as Mexico y Caribe Jovenes, using the GOJoven Model, to propel generational transition in leadership roles in GOJoven Mexico and diverse social impact spaces.
  • Advocated alongside local and international coalitions to ensure that comprehensive sexuality education be made part of secondary school curricula and to request the creation of public policies and programs that ensure the acknowledgement and respect for the rights of Mexican youth.
  • Participated in developing the National Youth Law and incorporating ASRH and Rights
  • Mobilized civil society and government organizations to jointly advocate for the creation of the State Group for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (GEPEA) in Quintana Roo, a new state mechanism for implementing the National Strategy for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
  • Co-founded and represented civil society on the Quintana Roo State Network on ASRH
  • Published over 50 newspaper articles and radio spots informing thousands of youth and the public on ASRH and rights

Contact México y Caribe Jóvenes

Ricardo May Jara, Executive Director, GOJoven Fellow

Iris Borraz, Board President, GOJoven Fellow

Dirección: Calle Privada de Fovissste 391, Colonia Cedros, C.P. 77024, Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Email: contacto@gojovenmx.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gojovenmex.oficial/
Twitter: @GOJovenMexico
Web: gojovenmx.comwww.gojoven.org/gojoven-mexico

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