Honduras Leadership Action Plan

Training_capacitacionLeadership Action Plan Honduras 2012

I am a Youth, and I Protect My Sexuality, La Ceiba

LAP Objective: • Improve knowledge  among 45 youth ages 14-22 in SRH topics in order to contribute to a reduction in adolescent pregnancies and HIV prevalence in 2013. • Increase the use of a sex education guide as part of the ministerial declaration “Prevent through Education” to contribute to a reduction in pregnancies in youth ages 14-22 in the secondary institutions in several municipalities of the Altlantida Department in 2013. • Increase the access to SRH information via the sex education guide through 8 radio programs directed to at least 500 youth in Corozal, Sambo Creek and Jutiapa by the end of 2013.

Achieved Outcomes: • Increased knowledge in all topics, including comfort level with talking about SRH and knowledge about correct and consistent condom use among 45 youth trained. • Trained 40 teachers in the use of sex education guide in all targeted communities; trained 25 health service providers in standards for youth-friendly health services in all targeted communities. • Broadcasted 8 SRH radio shows through the “Youth in Action” radio program and received calls from listeners during the broadcast; broadcasted 5 TV spots to promote the GOJoven program.

Youth Friendly Space_espacio amigable HondurasLeadership Action Plan Honduras 2011

Youth in Action Reducing and Preventing STIs, Santa Bárbara

LAP Objective:  • Increase knowledge about SRH and STIs in 200 youth ages 15 to 24 in the municipalities of Las Vegas, Ceguaca, Gualala and Colinas of the Santa Bárbara Department, Honduras, in a period of one year (2012-2013) by establishing 4 SRH-focused youth friendly spaces. • Increase knowledge about ASRH among 20 school teachers in the municipalities of Las Vegas, Ceguaca, Gualala and Colinas of the Santa Bárbara Department, Honduras, in a period of one year (2012-2013).

Achieved Outcomes: • Opened three youth-friendly spaces and trained more than 200 youth; one youth-friendly space (in the Colinas community) has remained open past the end date of this project, and a member of the team continues to train young people at the center and encourage peer-to-peer training.

Estimated # of youth reached: 200

Leadership Action Plan Honduras 2010

Information, Education and Communication, Puerto Lempira

LAP Objective: • Increase the SRH knowledge of 120 adolescents, ages 10 to 19, by 70% through the implementation of five workshops in Puerto Lempira. • Increase the SRH knowledge of 2,300 adolescents, ages 10 to 19, using ten 120 minute radio shows once a week in Miskitu and Spanish in three of the six municipalities in Gracias a Dios.

Achieved Outcomes: • Trained 24 youth to be SRH promoters in their various communities, who then each created an outreach strategy to reach at least an additional 20 youth each. • Educated 100 youth on SRH through the implementation of four workshops. • Implemented SRH radio shows, and created and implemented a publicity strategy to increase youth listenership. • Received additional funding to work with 20 indigenous youth leaders in remote communities; and created an outreach strategy so each youth trained an additional 20 youth each.

Estimated # of youth reached: 4,000

Leadership Action Plan Honduras 2009

Pienso, Siento y Actúo, Colon

LAP Objective: • Increase by 50% the knowledge of SRH, anatomy, and self-esteem of 30 youth ages 10-19. • Increase the knowledge of condom use and SRH of 100 adolescents, ages 10 – 19, during various community events.

Achieved Outcomes: • The team successfully met their objective to increase SRH knowledge in local youth to reduce adolescent pregnancy. • Despite many difficulties, they trained 500 youth in SRH topics and not a single adolescent pregnancy was reported in one of the targeted communities during the time of the LAP’s implementation.

Estimated # of youth reached: 500

Leadership Action Plan Honduras 2008

Acción Intercultural Juvenil, Puerto Cortes and Omoa

LAP Objective: • Strengthen the capacity of organizations by creating an institutional network. • Strengthen the SRH leadership skills of 30 young people (ages 20 to 30 years old) working within the network. • Increase the SRH knowledge of 155 young people, ages 14 to 24, by 60%. • Establish a SRH educational Website for young people ages 14 to 24.

Achieved Outcomes: • Implemented various youth camps to increase the SRH knowledge of over 160 youth and secured funds for community replication. • Conducted focus group of 20 youth (ages 12-31) to design and develop the project youth SRH webpage. • Conducted public relations event to share PAL with 34 representatives of local governmental, non-governmental and private organizations (SRH, youth,business). • Created community alliances, e.g. Fire Fighters Association interested in sending their youth leaders to the camp.

Estimated # of youth reached: 160

 Leadership Action Plan Honduras 2007

Project You Choose, Tegucigalpa

LAP Objective: • Increase, by 40%, the knowledge of STI and HIV/AIDS prevention of 980 students in the Autonomous National University of Honduras. • Strengthen the leadership of 20 youth, between the ages of 17 to 24 by providing a series of experientially-based outdoor educational workshops.

Achieved Outcomes: The team successfully established and legalized the Association of Youth in Motion (AJEM) as a registered non-profit organization, a youth organization that continues to work for the promotion of youth human rights and sexual reproductive health, with a focus on gay, lesbian and youth groups in Tegucigalpa. AJEM has received international funding and recognition for its work in human rights.

Estimated # of youth reached: 3,000

Leadership Action Plan Honduras 2006

Constructing Change, SRH and Rights, Tegucigalpa

LAP Objective: • Strengthen political advocacy by working and coordinating with 9 SRH organizations to create an advocacy plan. • Identify and train 20 youth leaders in SRH and leadership.

Achieved Outcomes: • Implemented SRH media campaign (2 TV, 2 radio and 1 newspaper interviews). • Identified 30 youth (10 youth from each Fellow’s organization) to participate in leadership and SRH workshops. • Conducted training on HIV prevention to 700 youth in Nacaome.  • Conducted 3 SRH capacity building workshops for 47 women inSan Lorenzo and 28 youth in Ocotepeque. • Advocated and lobbied representatives from government, international development agencies, and civil society to profile the project and raise awareness of ASRH. • Produced a short film on SRH directed at youth and government representatives, and organized a public screening and forum on SRH issues for youth, media, government representatives, and civil society.

Estimated # of youth reached: 1,500

Leadership Action Plan Honduras 2005

To Know Is Life”, Sambo Creek

LAP Objective: • Strengthen the leadership of 20 youth, ages 13 -18, over one year through two camping outings utilizing interactive methodologies. • Increase the awareness of their parents enabling them to contribute to the SRH education of the youth participating in the camps.

Achieved Outcomes: The team conducted parent outreach, implemented two camps and provided follow-up sessions to the participants.

Estimated # of youth reached: 60

Leadership Action Plan Honduras 2004

Sexual and Reproductive Interactive CD-ROM, San Pedro Sula

LAP Objective: Increase the SRH knowledge of 1,500 youth between the ages of 12 and 19 in 35 secondary education schools in Tela andSan Pedro Sula.

Achieved Outcomes: 15 schools in San Pedro use the CD developed by the team in their SRH classes.

Estimated # of youth reached: 1,500