Jacqueline Luz Margarita Urizar Arenales

Margarita is originally from Chimaltenango and was selected as a GOJoven Fellow when she was 17 years old. She graduated from ENEF Sacatepéquez with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science and Letters with Orientation in Physical Education and has completed one semester of Educational Administration at the USAC. Volunteer experience is fulfilling to Margarita as it gives her a chance to contribute to helping those that have not had the same privileges and opportunities as her, such as volunteering with Teletón, organized community groups, OSAR Juvenil, and a facilitator. She has facilitated workshops for youth on sexual and reproductive rights and I have been certified as a facilitator for Integral Education in Sexuality at the National level.

She considers herself an understanding and compassionate leader, trying her best to advocate for vulnerable populations in unfair situations.Her goal is to be a psychologist who, through the knowledge acquired from the GOJoven training process and her future professional career, manages to reach communities in need of access to education and empower girls, as well as developing a departmental or national reference that dynamically collaborates with youth.

Posted in Guatemala 2018.

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