Julio Omar Arrioa Aurias

Julio is originally from Palin, Escuintla and was selected as a GOJoven fellow when he was 17. At 14, Julio entered the diversified career and at 16 was studying for a medical degree during his first year. Upon entering the university, Julio was always interested in being involved with volunteers that did activities in the municipality of Escuintla. little by little, he began meeting people and making connections with those that run NGO`s to be a student volunteer. From there he realized the importance of comprehensive sexuality education in his department, something that despite his age he did not know and at the same time he was very interested in. For this reason, he participated in many activities in favor of the rights of girls and boys in villages where education is scarce. One of his main goals in life has been to graduate in legal and social sciences. He is currently in the third year of this career and hopes that his knowledge can be of help to society and be able to apply them when needed. He extremely grateful to be a GOJoven and considers it one of the best things that happened to him for the opportunities he’s been given and all that he has learned.

Posted in Guatemala 2018.

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