Mexico Leadership Action Plan

image010Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2012

OSSER-ADOLESCENTE (Orientation in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health)

LAP Objective: • Increase SRH knowledge by 30% in 63 youth ages 14-19 in 3 communities in the Municipality of Lazaro Cardenas in order to contribute to a reduction in the risk of pregnancy among youth in 2013. • Increase by 25% the level of communication between parents and children ages 14-19 about SRH topics in La Esperanza, Ignacio Zaragoza and Nuevo Xcan of the Lázaro Cárdenas Municipality in Quintana Roo, México in 2013 in order to contribute to a reduction in early pregnancies and STIs.

Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2011

Red Space, Benito Juarez

LAP Objective: • Increase the knowledge about SRH in 50 adolescents (divided into 2 groups, A and B) ages 15-19 in the 220 region of the municipality Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo from August to December 2012. • Strengthen and extend the project in 2 more regions, securing public and private funding from August to December 2012, in order to replicate the project in 2013.

Achieved Outcomes: • 95% increase in SRH knowledge among the 56 youth trained through the “Red Space.” • Obtained outside funding through in-kind donations (such as materials, food, and expenses for a group outing) to support the project.

Estimated # of youth reached: 56

Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2010

Youth Space Kanantaba, Municipality of Jose Maria Morelos

 LAP Objective: Improve access to health services and SRH information for 990 youth, ages 13 to 25.

 Achieved Outcomes: The center served 20-30 youth per week over a one year period. The team continues to meet with their youth groups at least once per month.

Estimated # of youth reached: 1,000

Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2009

Agarrala Onda ¡Prtotégete! ¿No?, Cozumel

LAP Objective: Increase the SRH knowledge of 80% of parents with children in junior high school and/or high school by 50%. Reinforce the quality of SRH education in 80% of the 12 junior high schools and high schools by 2010.

Achieved Outcomes:  The team educated 600 high school students on SRH, family planning and condom use.

Estimated # of youth reached: 600

Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2008

Embajadores Cine Foro a Favor de Liderazgo Juvenil, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Coban

LAP Objective: • Increase the SRH knowledge of 250 high school students by 50% over a one year period. • Reduce high school drop out rate among students, ages 12 to 15 years old, due to unplanned pregnancy by 80%.

Achieved Outcomes:  • Implemented 8 of the 9 scheduled Movie Forums to 250 adolescents in junior and high schools in the Mayan rural town of Coba. • Implemented an additional 5 Movie Forum projections in Tulum focused on Adolescent pregnancy, STI, and family planning methods to approximately 160 youth.

Estimated # of youth reached: 410

Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2007

Project JUVYSEX: Sexual Education for Youth

LAP Objective: • Increase knowledge of pregnancy and STI prevention of 150 CONALEP students, ages 15 to 16, through school curriculum. • Strengthen the SRH knowledge of new students from each school year.

Achieved Outcomes:  • Completed 4, 6-hour trainings with a total of 120 students. • Conducted 1 cinema debate where youth watched and discussed an SRH related film. • Published 2 bulletins to help maintain communication between students and the GOJoven team. • Conducted SRH forum for students at CONALEP – a total of 46 students participated and received media coverage in 2 statewide newspapers and a blog.

Estimated # of youth reached: 500

Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2006

Juvenile Delinquent SRH Workshops with of the Quintana Roo State Guardian Council

LAP Objective: • Promote the participation of Guardian Council staff and misdemeanor detainees in SRH training. • Increase the basic knowledge of misdemeanor detainees, ages 12-17 years of age, on SRH and rights. Strengthen the participation and training in SRH of 5 institutions.

Achieved Outcomes:  • 95% of Guardian Council staff participated in SRH workshops. • 80% (9 out of 11) of SRH workshops were completed, with 95% of  youth participating. • The team had to 2 articles appear in local newspapers regarding their project.  • Built important alliances promote the rights of the youth, including the National Human Rights Commission in QR.

Estimated # of youth reached: 200

Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2005

Workshop Course on Sexual and Reproductive Health

LAP Objective: Increase knowledge and awareness about gender equity, sexual and reproductive health rights, family planning and STIs through 4 modules of 4 hours each.

Achieved Outcomes:  Conducted a series of trainings on gender equity, sexual and reproductive health rights, family planning and STIs using interactive methodologies.

Estimated # of youth reached: 40

 Leadership Action Plan Mexico 2004

Strengthening Sex Education inCancun

LAP Objective: Decrease unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of STIs through the development and implementation of an ASRH model for public schools inCancun.

Achieved Outcomes: • Trained 50 youth on ASRH using ASRH training model they developed. • Raised awareness of ASRH issues among journalists and advocated for positioning of issues in media reporting: 3 programs on Radio Cultural Ayuntamiento and 6 articles in the Voz del Caribe.

Estimated # of youth reached: 500