Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources

Contraception and Family Planning

  • Family Planning: Contraceptive Resources – EngenderHealth
    • EngenderHealth publishes a wide range of materials, including training curricula, clinical guidelines, and working papers covering Family Planning, HIV/AIDS & Sexually Transmitted Infections, Maternal Health, and Promoting Gender Equity, among others.
  • Contraceptive Fact Sheet and FAQs – Family Health International
    • The Contraceptive Technology and Reproductive Health Series modules are designed to meet the educational needs of family planning practitioners and program managers in resource-constrained settings. These modules may be used individually for a self-study program or as training presentations for trained health care personnel.
    • The modules cover Intrauterine Devices (IUDs), Reproductive Health of Young Adults, Contraception After Pregnancy, Client-Provider Interaction, Injectable Contraceptives, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Barrier Methods, and Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM).
  • The Guttmacher Institute
    • The Guttmacher Institute advances sexual and reproductive health and rights through an interrelated program of research, policy analysis and public education. Resources on abortion, adolescents, contraception, HIV/AIDS and STIs, among other topics. Resources are organized by country, type, and language.
    • See The Guttmacher Institute’s 2014 Report, co-released with UNFPA, demonstrating how comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare services are essential for advancing global development: “Adding It Up: The Costs and Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health 2014”. 
  • Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers – The Info Project at John’s Hopkins
    • World Health Organization’s 2011 Update handbook, full download available in English and Spanish. Provides basic information and guidelines for use of an extensive list of family planning methods.
  • Family Planning and Contraception Resources – Pathfinder International
    • Pathfinder works to expand access to quality sexual and reproductive health care to enable and empower individuals to make choices about their body and their future.
    • Website provides wealth of technical tools, articles, and case studies in the focus areas of Youth Sexual & Reproductive Health, Gender, Behavior Change, Maternal & Newborn Health, Advocacy and Contraception & Family Planning.
  • Reproductive Health: Overview, Impact and SRH Resources – Population Council
    • The Population Council conducts research to address critical health and development issues, with a focus on family planning, HIV/AIDS, and adolescent girl empowerment.
    • Focus on research in Guatemala and Mexico in Central America, specifically program best practices and in-country case studies.
  • Myths, Misperceptions and Fears Addressing Condom Use Barriers – UNFPA
    • United Nations Fund for Population Activities 2007 sponsored publication, full download available in English.
    • Provides accurate evidence-based information to support the fact that consistent use of male or female condoms is highly effective at preventing unintended pregnancy, the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • HIV, AIDS, and Sexually Transmitted Infections: Publications and resources – EngenderHealth
    • Wealth of family planning publications and case studies available for download in English.
  • Strategic Considerations for Strengthening the Linkages between Family Planning and HIV/AIDS Policies, Programs, and Services– Family Health International
    • 2009 publication developed by the World Health Organization, the U.S. Agency for International Development and FHI 360, full download available in English.
    • The document is designed to help program planners, implementers and managers — including government officials and other country-level stakeholders — make appropriate decisions about whether to pursue the integration of FP and HIV services. It also explains how to pursue integration in a strategic and systematic manner, in order to achieve maximum public health benefit.
  • Models of Care Project: Linking HIV services in SRH settings – IPPF
    • Full pdf available for download in both English and Spanish.
    • 32 page long publication linking HIV/AIDS treatment, care and support in Sexual and Reproductive Health care settings.
  • HIV/AIDS Publications – Pathfinder International
    • Publications, blog posts, and videos on the focus of Adolescents, HIV/AIDS, Contraception & Family Planning, Abortion, Advocacy and Maternal & Newborn Health.
  • HIV/AIDS Resources: MSM consultations, Fact Sheet, Testing and Prevention – Population Council
    • Can search for publications and vast array of multimedia resources in the topics of HIV/AIDS in both English and Spanish.
  • Condom Programming for HIV Prevention: A Manual for Service Providers – UNFPA
    • 68 page publication developed by UNFPA, World Health Organization, and Path in 2005, full pdf available for download in English.
    • This manual is intended for the health care workers, peer educators, and other outreach workers who counsel clients on HIV/STI prevention and condom use, people who sell condoms as part of their jobs and the shop owners, store manages, and clinic staff who run condom outlets. It offers detailed and practical advice on how to increase the demand for and supply of condoms by following a five-step process.
  • Global Guidance Briefs: HIV Interventions for Young People – UNFPA
    • 60 page publication developed by the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team on HIV and Young People in 2008, full pdf available for download in English and Spanish.
    • A series of seven Guidance Briefs which aim to help decision makers understand what needs to be done to increase young people’s utilization of HIV prevention, treatment, and care services, based on the latest global evidence on effective interventions for young people. 
  • Positive Connections: Leading Information and Support Groups for Adolescents Living with HIV –Interagency Youth Working Group
    • A unique guide that provides facilitators with background information about the needs of Adolescents Living with HIV (ALHIV), tips for starting an adult-led information and support group, and 14 sessions to follow in a group setting.

Adolescent and Sex Education Resources

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)

  • International Gay & Lesbian Rights Commission (IGLHRC) – an international organization dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.



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