Silvia Jhuliza Grajeda Pineda

Silvia is originally from Iztapa, Escuintla and was selected as a GOJoven Fellow when she was 22 years old. She is a teacher in primary, basic, and diversified education and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy and Human Rights. Silvia is an educator in Sexual and Reproductive Rights and has experience in working with university classmates and communities regarding the implementation of an action plan. Her best experience was with GOJoven and SHRH training with EIS in addition to making a replica with youth ages 13-18 years, a new experience for her. Silvia has the goal of socializing her thesis on feminism and completing her degree in Pedagogy and Human Rights, applying it to the educational pedagogical framework of schools with girls and adolescents guaranteeing their rights in addition to being part of the GOJoven team to support them in the fight for the advocacy of sexual rights. Silvia defines her leadership as a young woman and entrepreneur, eager to take challenges and responsibilities in order to respect the opinions of other people. She strives to support the youth of her community to prevent unwanted pregnancies and human trafficking.

Posted in Guatemala 2018.

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