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Eben Reyes

Eben Reyes became a GOJoven Fellow at age 23.  His professional experience includes working in San Pedro Sula for Comunicación Para La Vida (COMVIDA), a municipal government program that focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention among young people. As the leader of his Adventist Church’s youth group, Eben has also been actively involved with religious youth in his community. He is committed to educating his peers about HIV and is very interested in using his training in information technology to educate young people through the Internet.

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Elvis Tillett

1Elvis Tillett became a GOJoven Fellow at age 26. He has worked as a Career Guidance and Placement Officer of the National 4-H Youth Development Center, in Belmopan City, Belize, where he helped integrate adolescent sexual and reproductive health curriculum into the center’s Health and Life Skills Education Curriculum.  Elvis has experience educating youth on topics such as confidentiality, self esteem, puberty, contraceptives, STI’s, HIV/AIDS, violence/abuse, conflict resolution, drug use and drug abuse, decision making, communication, and goal setting.  Elvis graduated Magna Cum Laude as Valedictorian of the School of Social work from Grambling State University (GSU) in Louisiana, USA with his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.


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Eva Marisol Burgos

eva-foto-2016Eva Marisol Burgos is the Executive Director for GOJoven Belize Alumni Association (GOBelize) in Belmopan City, Belize. She became a GOJoven Fellow in 2004 and later served as the Country Representative and General Coordinator for the GOJoven Program in Belize. Eva graduated with honors from the University of Belize with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from University of West Indies Open Campus in Belize. She is a graduate of GOJoven Program’s Training of Trainer’s process and is currently the chairperson for National AIDS Commission, Belmopan Committee –a committee that works towards decreasing discrimination against people living with HIV. Eva collaborates with Belize’s Ministry of Health for the Health, Community, and Parenting Bureau (HECOPAB) to conduct Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights trainings to key health providers such as Community Health Workers (CHW) on topics, including family planning, emergency contraception, self-esteem, HIV/AIDS, gender, and evaluation to name a few. Eva has also served as the Lead Consultant in the Belizean Emergency Contraceptive Advocates (BECA) Project from the year 2007-2008 with the goal of mainstreaming EC in western Belize by building the capacity of key service providers.  She has received additional trainings in community outreach, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, research methods and Human Rights. Eva is particularly passionate about her youth work and HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment and Sexual and Reproductive Rights.


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Dalila Ical

3Dalila Ical was the youngest Fellow in the 2004-2005 cohort, selected at age 20. Her professional experience includes: news anchor for a local television station in Orange Walk Town, journalist at RSV Media Limited in Belize City in the News Department, and radio announcer at Estereo Amor Radio Station, the only Latin Radio Station in Belize. Dalila remains active in GOJoven, having completed the Training of Trainers process, and serving on the Board of the GOJoven Belize Alumni Association (GOBelize). Dalila wants to use her experience as a journalist and radio announcer to educate young people on adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and work towards the improvement and promotion of adolescent SRH in her country.

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Rudolph Khendis Ellis

Rudolph Khendis Ellis is a dedicated young leader from Orange Walk who was a high school English teacher when he was selected as a Fellow in 2004.  Khendis has experience working in literacy and HIV/AIDS issues.  In 2006, Khendis received a Summit Scholarship to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Grambling State University (GSU), where he graduated as Valedictorian of his class in 2009. In May 2011, Khendis completed a Master’s in Education at GSU, with funding from two scholarships.  While he pursued his Master’s, he contributed to the field of education by presenting papers on his research in ESL and distance learning at major conferences across the US.  His excellent academic work has presented an opportunity for him to complete a Doctorate in Education on a full fellowship from the Common Ground Consortium at theUniversity ofMinnesota.

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Claudia Rosado Huerta Maestra

13Bachilleres II

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Hector Cima

12Hector Cima was selected as a Fellow at age 29 while working in Felipe Carillo Puerto community health worker for Amigos de Sian Ka’an, the most important environmental NGO in Quintana Roo. With his Mayan language skills, trusted position in the community, and work at an environmental NGO, he has the ability to communicate important information to people who would otherwise not have access to such information. He also has the potential to make the linkages between population and environment issues real and tangible in the communities and organization in which he works.


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Adriana Varillas

11Adriana Varillas was 28 when selected as a GOJoven Fellow and was a writer for the La Voz del Caribe newspaper, based in Cancun, with a circulation extending throughout the northern part of Quintana Roo. She specializes in writing about the environment, but also covers gender, human rights, politics, and other issues. She is intelligent, passionate and committed to social justice. Adriana has worked as a reporter and correspondent for El Universal.  She completed a Campus Tour with the Sierra Club, talking to students and young people in Ohio in 2007 and edited an essay that was included in the anthology, The New Population Challenge.

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Dunia Carola Orellana Guifarro

Dunia has worked as a human rights activist, filmmaker, journalist and multimedia editor for La Prensa,Honduras’s most widely read newspaper. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the National Autonomous University of Honduras in 2010.  As a Summit Scholar, she earned a master’s degree in documentary film making from theUniversity ofSuperior Arts and Theatre inMadrid in 2012.  Dunia is passionate about working in sexual and reproductive health and rights and human rights issues.  She became a GOJoven Fellow when she was 21 years-old.

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Matilde Cali Jatz

8Matilde Cali Jatz’s  professional experience includes working for the Child Fund Guatemala as a consultant. She worked as a researcher investigating the implementation of jobs for youth in 4 municipalities in Chimaltenango.  As a young indigenous leader she has had to overcome tremendous personal challenges; when her mother died at an early age, Matilde left school to help take care of her family but returned to finish high school years later.  She has worked at SHARE Guatemala on a community health and education program and as a trainer and community educator providing women and young people with information on reproductive health and family planning.

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