ZonaSegura: GOJoven’s newest collaborative project to build safe spaces for teens in Honduras

With initial support from the World Bank and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI), and most recently with support from Twilio.org Crisis Response and Prevention Initiative, ZonaSegura is a trauma-informed youth-centered innovative mobile solution to address teen dating violence in Honduras.

Led by YTH, in partnership with GOJoven Honduras and the Public Health Institute’s (PHI) GOJoven International Program, this project aims to prevent teen dating violence (TDV) through provision of prevention information, healthy relationship education, and geo-location linkage to TDV services and resources. ZonaSegura leverages the high rates of mobile phone usage among young women and girls (YWG) and men and boys (YMB) ages 14-19 in Honduras to assist them in overcoming individual and structural barriers to accessing rights-based and gender-sensitive TDV prevention information and services.


  • Initially, ZonaSegura included a mobile-responsive study website, Android mobile application (app), and WhatsApp text messaging. Each piece of technology provided information around healthy relationships and TDV prevention with activities and messaging to reinforce learning. By using the technology, teens learned about legal rights, how to identify abuse, how to create a healthy relationship and/or safely end an abusive relationship, and guides users on safety planning. They could also use the app and WhatsApp messages to locate youth-friendly TDV services in their locality.
  • Now, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a ZonaSegura chatbot! Meet Eli – the first and only trauma-informed, English and Spanish-language chatbot co-designed by youth to navigate and prevent teen dating violence in Honduras. Offering users AI-powered rights-based and gender-sensitive violence prevention information, Eli’s content includes topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, abuse and violence, consent, intimacy, and safer sex. Eli also uses geo-location to provide the closest youth-friendly services for users seeking medical care, emotional support, legal advice, and shelter in Tegucigalpa. Additionally, for users who need immediate help, Eli provides a linkage to live crisis-response support.

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