Álvaro Ché Canul

Álvaro was finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the Centro Universitario de Valladolid at Conafe when he became a Fellow.  As a young indigenous leader, he has participated as cultural promoter with the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples.  Álvaro does a lot of volunteer community work focusing on youth and children, supporting them to make a better use of their time. He has worked as an advisor at the Health Center, teaching workshops on contraceptive methods and STIs to women who are in the Opportunities program as well as a consultant for the ministry of education. He has been invited to talk in schools about topics such as violence in long-term relationships and other topics related to personal development. He is a recognized and respected leader in the activities he performs. His goal, after finishing his Bachelor’s degree, is to get a formal job at a high school. In the long-term, he wishes to establish a psychology practice in the Nuevo Xcan community. When he was selected as a GOJoven Fellow, he was 26 years old.

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Posted in Mexico 2012.