Community Leadership Project Results

GOJoven Fellows foster collaborative leadership skills through working in intercultural, multidisciplinary, and multisectoral country teams to develop and implement community leadership projects, called Leadership Action Plans (LAPs).  Each country team is composed of Fellows with different professional and personal experiences and perspectives on a wide range of issues, organizational affiliations, professional backgrounds, ethnicities, and gender.

After assessing the status of reproductive and sexual health for youth in their country, each team is tasked with designing a LAP to improve ARSH programs and services in one or more communities in their country.

Through the LAP, GOJoven Fellows have the opportunity to apply the concepts they have learned in training and gain direct experience and knowledge of the joys and challenges of program design and implementation. Fellows gain first-hand experience in multi-faceted problem-solving, negotiation and conflict resolution, and building alliances and networks to advocate for change.

From 2004 – 2019, teams of GOJoven Fellows from each country have designed and implemented a total of 68 Leadership Action Plans reaching over 40,000 young people, and hundreds of organizations.

See more GOJoven LAP strategies & results from the Fellows trained by GOJoven International in Belize, Quintana Roo (Mexico), Honduras and Guatemala

The most recent LAP results from the newest generations of GOJoven Fellows are available through the in-country GOJoven Alumni Associations.

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