Jazmine Lino

Jazmine Neriada LinoJazmine Lino is always on the go and describes herself as being an active youth in her community. She was a participant in the UNDP/GOBelize Out of School Youth outreach program, where she became interested in sexual health. She enjoys writing, drawing, reading, cooking and farm living. Jazmine is a strong and confident individual as she continues to overcome obstacles and celebrate life and the experiences it has to offer. Her goal is to go back to school and study to become a counselor and assist teen single moms and other at-risk youth in her community.

Kyle Miller

Kyle MillerKyle Miller has worked at the Department of Youth Services in the Governance Unit in Belize City and has volunteered at various organizations that are youth service providers or work with young people, namely UNICEF and NCFC. Kyle has a passion when it comes to working with youth, whether it be for advocacy or personal and professional development. Kyle’s short-term goals include facilitating the development of a National Youth Council, a structure that will advocate for young people at both national and international levels. His long term goal is to continue empowering himself and others.

Kashieka Broaster

Kashieka BroasterKashieka Broaster’s professional experience includes working with RESTORE Belize as an assistant Human Development Officer. She has done volunteer work with agencies like UNICEF, Red Cross and Secondary Schools collaborating with RESTORE Belize. Her academic achievements included topping CXC examinations and maintaining herself on the Dean’s List at St. John’s Junior College and then at University of Belize. Kashieka’s long term goal is to receive a Master’s Degree in International Development with a special concentration in Conflict Resolution. She takes pride in working with communities as it facilitates the creation of programs and policies that are tailored to fit communities’ needs. Kashieka understands that there is a greater need for sexual health information in Belize; her passion for youth development and sexual and reproductive rights lies in reaching a younger audience and laying strong foundations about sexual and reproductive health.

Jenna Hoare

Jenna HoareJenna Hoare obtained an Associate’s Degree in General Studies at St John’s Junior College and has completed coursework toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Belize. She believes that her paramount achievement in life has been to accept and overcome her brother’s autism.  Jenna has volunteered at Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center and has been a part of different projects and activities conducted by Youth For the Future, Rotary Club, and Gift of Life. She also helped organized a donation of pillows to the Children’s section at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). In addition, Jenna has been an active advocate in the Trafficking in Persons Act. She has always been interested in learning about one’s sexuality and what makes reproductive health such a vital part of life; her long term goal is to become a policy maker and a counselor.

Delicia Mckoy

Delicia MckoyDelicia Mckoy has served as a member of UNFPA’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG), through which she has conducted many outreach projects for youth. She was a participant of the peer education training conducted by the Belize Red Cross, a program that educated young people on Stigma and Discrimination in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health. She also received training in Drama and script writing from the National Creole Counsel. Delicia aims to further her education by going to WesleyJunior College and getting her Associate Degree in Paralegal studies and then obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Belize. One of her main goals is to learn about Sexual Health so that she can pass the information on to the youth in her constituency. In her spare time Delicia enjoys reading writing and watching Law and Order.

Berndina Eck

Berndina EckBerndina Eck aspires to make a positive impact on the lives of others. She uses her educational background in Social Work to provide support to people in need through social programs and outreach initiatives. Some of her professional experience includes working at the National Aids Commission (NAC) as a volunteer and part time employee, interning at LadyvilleTechnicalHigh School as an assistant to the school’s counselor, and completing an internship as a Life Skills teacher at the Belize Family Court. Berndina also worked as Community Development Officer for the Department of Humans Services under the Child Protection Services Unit. Some of her volunteer work includes working at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and serving as Secretary of the University of Belize’s Social Work Student Association 2010-2011.  Berndina is confident in working with minority populations and advocating to make lasting changes.

Alex Garcia

Alex GarciaAlex Garcia graduated from Galen University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. His professional experience includes working as a Senior Accountant at Scotia Bank, Belize City Branch, which is one of the largest international banks worldwide. With the bank’s volunteering programs, Alex has cleaned parks and helped build homes for the needy. One of his long term goals is to open the first ever skateboarding company in the country of Belize, which would serve as a basic recreation and support center for the youth in Belize City.