Matilde Cali Jatz

8Matilde Cali Jatz’s  professional experience includes working for the Child Fund Guatemala as a consultant. She worked as a researcher investigating the implementation of jobs for youth in 4 municipalities in Chimaltenango.  As a young indigenous leader she has had to overcome tremendous personal challenges; when her mother died at an early age, Matilde left school to help take care of her family but returned to finish high school years later.  She has worked at SHARE Guatemala on a community health and education program and as a trainer and community educator providing women and young people with information on reproductive health and family planning.

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Maria Manuela Garcia Pú

7Manuela Garcia Pú became a GOJoven Fellow at age 28. As a Mayan woman, Manuela worked within ASECSA’s advocacy program focusing on gender policy and advocacy, both at the national level and within the organization. Prior to coming to ASECSA, she trained young Mayan women who work as domestic servants in Guatemala about their reproductive and sexual health and rights. She is interested in expanding ASECSA’s focus on adolescent reproductive health, both at the policy and programmatic levels.  Manuela recently finished her studies in Social Work and recently returned from Spain with her Master’s Degree.


Erikson Bersani Garcia

6Erikson Bersani Garcia’s professional experience includes working for the Autonomous Sports Confederation of Guatemala as a consultant setting up administrative processes and revising management policies.  He worked for the Guatemalan Ministry of Health’s Program on Young People as an advocate within the government, promoting a broader understanding of young people’s sexual and reproductive rights. Erikson is widely recognized as an up and coming leader in the Sexual and Reproductive Health field in Guatemala and is involved in a multi-organization task force on adolescent reproductive and sexual health, providing workshops and training on SRH.

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