Hector Cima

12Hector Cima was selected as a Fellow at age 29 while working in Felipe Carillo Puerto community health worker for Amigos de Sian Ka’an, the most important environmental NGO in Quintana Roo. With his Mayan language skills, trusted position in the community, and work at an environmental NGO, he has the ability to communicate important information to people who would otherwise not have access to such information. He also has the potential to make the linkages between population and environment issues real and tangible in the communities and organization in which he works.


Adriana Varillas

11Adriana Varillas was 28 when selected as a GOJoven Fellow and was a writer for the La Voz del Caribe newspaper, based in Cancun, with a circulation extending throughout the northern part of Quintana Roo. She specializes in writing about the environment, but also covers gender, human rights, politics, and other issues and has experience as an editorialist for a talk radio network. She is intelligent, passionate and committed to social justice. Adriana has worked as a reporter and correspondent for El Universal.  She completed a Campus Tour with the Sierra Club, talking to students and young people in Ohio in 2007 and edited an essay that was included in the anthology, The New Population Challenge.

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