Cinthia Sagrario Interian Varguez

Cinthia Sagrario Interian Varguez was 21 years old when she became a GOJoven Fellow. She was selected to be a Fellow while studying Language and Culture at the Intercultural Mayan University of Quintana Roo. She has since received her Master’s degree in Natural Resources and Rural Development, which she completed in 2018. Cinthia has extensive community mobilization experience, including facilitating community meetings, program development and implementation, and conflict resolution. She brings experience counseling youth on various SRH topics, including gender violence prevention, addiction and personal development. Cinthia was previously selected to participate in a regional Latin American youth congress, Espacio 2010, which focused on identifying and coming up possible solutions to the social issues young people in the region. Currently, Cinthia works for the Secretary of Education and Culture as a teacher.

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Gladys Maribel Puc Castillo

Gladys Maribel Puc Castillo was 19-years old when she became a GOJoven Fellow.  When she was selected she was studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Municipal Management from the Intercultural Mayan University of Quintana Roo.  In 2010, Gladys received recognition for being an outstanding “Intercultural Student,” having achieved academic excellence.  She has proved to be a strong leader, representing her country group in spearheading different projects in her region.  In the spring of 2011, she participated in the project, “Voices and Images,” whose objective is to advocate for change using media tools, communicating social issues to stakeholders.  Gladys focused her work in issues around equality of gender and sexual diversity.  Gladys’ objective is to continue working to promote youth sexual and reproductive health and focus her work in public health policies to continue her own personal leadership development.

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Zuemy Beatriz (Betty) Alvarado Caamal

Zuemy Beatriz (Betty) Alvarado Caamal was 28 years-old when she became a GOJoven Fellow.  Her professional experience includes working for the public agency, Comprehensive Development for Families (DIF), as secretary for the President.  In this same agency, she also worked as an assistant for the program, “Atention to Youth and Adolescents as Risk (PAMAR),” presenting talks on various topics, including issues around sexual and reproductive health.  Betty has experience in community mobilization through the use of media, group facilitation, and program development.  She graduated from the Intercultural Mayan University of Quintana Roo, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mayan Language and Culture.  Her long term plan is to enter a Master’s program to strengthen her knowledge in sexual and reproductive health issues.  Betty is dedicated to continue working with youth in her region, in her work, and with her GOJoven team.

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Santos Rene Fuentes López

Santos Rene Fuentes López was 22-years old when he became a Fellow in 2010.  This leader is from the community of Sabán in the Municipality of José María Morelos in Quintana Roo, where he currently lives and has worked as a leader for ServiBar.  Santos is an Engineer in agricultural systems of production, graduated from the Intercultural Mayan University of Quintana Roo.  He has worked on several community projects, including resource management projects and environmental education.  Santos taught classes in SRH while in high school.  Through his community work, he has developed his negotiation and community mobilization skills. Santos is passionate about teaching the youth in his community about the connections between protecting the environment and sexual and reproductive health.

Carlos Ivan Can Estrella

Carlos Ivan Can Estrella was 27-years old when he was selected as a GOJoven Fellow.  When he was selected he was the program coordinator for Youth Space, an artisan center for youth. He facilitated discussion groups with youth on various topics, including SRH. He also has experience as the GFC project coordinator and as a history teacher in secondary school. This active youth leader has experience starting up community association groups and in proposal writing. Carols believes that youth in his community need to be taught SRH because they are particularly vulnerable to STI’s since a lot of them have to leave the community to find work in the tourist areas. Carlos has a Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology, his goal is to continue his education and get a Doctorate Degree.

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