Eva Patricia Chúc Choxom

Eva Patricia Chúc Choxom was 27-years old when she was selected as a GOJoven Fellow.  Her professional experience includes working as a Project Coordinator for Asociación Concejo Pro-Desarrollo Comunitario (ACPDC) in Totonicapán where she was a rural educator and a member of the Board of Directors. As a youth trainer, she has lead trainings on civic duty, youth leadership, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and has trained the ACPDC Board of Directors on various SRH topics. She was a beneficiary of the 2004 GOJoven Team’s Leadership Action Plan and was trained by Puntos de Encuentro in Nicaragua on SRH and youth development. She also worked en the creation of a youth focused survey to analyze the SRH situation in Totonicapán. Eva hopes to fortify her leadership abilities in SRH and involve youth in knowing the importance of SRH. Ultimately, she aims to graduate as a social worker and work in various youth SRH projects.

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Posted in Guatemala 2009.