Gerson Bryon Toc Ajpuac

Gerson is originally from Solola, currently lives in the capital city, and was selected as a fellow of the Department of Guatemala. Gerson was selected as a GOJoven fellow when he was 19 years old and has graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science and Letters. The most relevant professional experience of Gerson were; be chairman of the department committee of the association of the ex-scholars of the state, teacher, and English project coordinator in Solola. Gerson gained experience in Sexual and Reproductive Rights during the implementation and of the Action Plan that was developed for GOJovenGuatemala.

The contribution Gerson will make to the Defense of the Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights is to instill his idea of ​​creating an organization that empowers the youth of his community with topics of sexual health and reproductive rights. Gerson is a young capable leader, student, and is confident in himself to achieve any goal regardless of the difficulties and, above all, is respectful of the expectation and leadership of others.

Posted in Guatemala 2017.