GOJoven Joins the Cancun Community in Support of Sexual Diversity

GOJoven Mexico fellows march during Cancun Pride

GOJoven Mexico fellows march during Cancun Pride

Mexico GOJoven loves Cancun!

Mexico GOJoven loves Cancun! (click to enlarge)

On Saturday, July 13th, 2013, a group of eleven GOJoven Mexico Fellows, accompanied by trainer Ricardo Baruch and GOJoven Director Esther Tahrir, marched alongside the LGBT community in the 10th “Gay Pride” parade. The Fellows started the march with more than 1000 people at the Cancun malecon and marched towards the Municipal Palace of Benito Juarez. The community took to the streets to demand basic rights such as non-discrimination and recognition of same sex marriage.

And the fellows keep on marching for Cancun Pride

And the fellows keep on marching for Cancun Pride

GOJoven joined the march in support of sexual diversityand to encourage youth and adolescents to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights and demand protection of the same. Together with more than 20 additional groups, GOJoven called for respect of the LGBTQ population, an end to homophobia and unity in the fight for a diverse and safe Quintana Roo. The event was covered by numerous media sources and a photo of GOJoven Mexico appeared front and center in the Diario Respuesta.

Diario Respuesta newspaper

Diario Respuesta newspaper, click to read the article in Spanish


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