GOJoven Meets with IPPF and GYCA in New York

In June, 2013, GOJoven Program Assistant Marian Alonso met with staff from International Planned Parenthood Federation / Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR), at IPPF/WHR’s home offices in New York City to learn about their programs and share information about GOJoven’s latest activities in Central America.

Marian and IPPF staff spoke of the various resources available for activists in the region, and we’d like to share those with you now!

Mesoamerican Coalition for Comprehensive Sex Education: This group of civil society organizations has published an Evaluation of the Implementation of the Ministerial Declaration “Prevent Through Education.” A report card of sorts, this resource evaluates the degree to which each country in Central America and the Caribbean has been implementing the Ministerial Declaration through the end of 2011. Check it out here.  You can find many more resources on the coalition’s resource page here (click on “view resources in English” for English language publications).

Marian also met with PHI’s Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) in Brooklyn, New York. GYCA counts on the expertise of numerous collaborators all over the world to share information and resources to combat HIV and AIDS. GYCA members are individuals or representatives of organizations from 170 countries who are subscribed to GYCA’s information-sharing e-forum. Anyone, regardless of race, HIV status, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, and/or physical disability, is welcome to join GYCA. Are you a member yet? Click here to sign up and receive excellent up-to-date information about the fight against HIV and AIDS around the world!


Are you a GYCA member yet? Click here to sign up!

GYCA has a great list of resources on their website. And they offer free online e-courses in three topic areas: Project Management, Political Advocacy, and Fundraising (Resource Mobilization). GOJoven is happy to share this program with all fellows–be sure to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

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