GOJoven Regional Network/Global Youth Forum

UNFPA invited Gabriela Flores (Honduras 2006) to facilitate an SRH-related breakout session at the International Conference on Population and Development’s (ICPD) Global Youth Forum in Bali, Indonesia, Dec 4-6 2012. The Forum will bring together over 900 delegates to agree on global recommendations for action on crucial issues that affect youth, including SRH. Esther Tahrir and Denise Dunning of GOJoven have also been sponsored by UNFPA to facilitate the Youth Forum; and Maribel Puc (Mexico 2010) will be participating in the Forum.

As the representative of the GOJoven Regional Network, Gabriela will have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for creating strategic alliances between GOJoven and international and regional platforms and networks working in ASRH advocacy.

During the Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala national meetings Fellows were asked to provide feedback on the potential impacts a GOJoven regional network could have in the next phase of the program.  This input will be incorporated into the GOJoven strategic plan in 2013-2014.

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