GOJoven Seeks Media Intern


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GOJoven seeks a media intern to assist with our communications strategy. Click here to apply for the job on PHI’s website.

A brief description of the position:

Assist an innovative, dynamic multi-country Spanish and English language youth leadership development program in developing an international communications strategy and marketing plan to help promote and improve sexual and reproductive health and rights of youth and adolescents in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. Assist program staff in Oakland and in-country youth leaders to develop multi-pronged social media strategy and marketing strategy using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, program and country specific websites and other social media platforms. Assist in developing Mhealth strategy in how to use technology such as mobile phones, applications and websites to enhance the sexual education and family planning education and service delivery aspects of the GOJoven program. Assist in designing and distributing program marketing and promotional materials to enhance the visibility and increase funding opportunities for the program.


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