Map of GOJoven Fellows – lost points

How to use this interactive map:

Each icon represents a fellow. Click on an icon to view a summary of information about each fellow.

To filter data on this map in Google Fusion Tables, click here and follow the instructions below:

  • Select one of the three tabs shown (Spreadsheet by YearCards by First Name, or Map of Fellows)
  • Click on the blue Filter button
  • Choose a category
  • Click on a value to display only fellows who meet that criterion
  • Click on the X next to the category name to remove that filter

You can filter more than one category and choose more than one value. For example:

  • choosing Country: Guatemala & Honduras, and Ethnicity: Garifuna, will show all Garifuna leaders in Guatemala and Honduras
  • choosing Country: Belize, Rural/Urban: Rural, and Primary Professional Interest: Gender-based Violence, will reveal all Belizean leaders from rural areas whose primary professional interest is GBV