Second National Meeting of 2012 in Honduras

Fellows pose for a group photo at the second 2012 National Meeting in Honduras

The Youth Leadership in Sexual and Reproductive Health Program (GOJoven) of the Public Health Institute held the second national meeting of 2012 from October 5-7 in Comayagua,Honduras. All of the GOJoven graduates from 2004-2012 were invited, with the 2012 team participating in an additional national training on October 3-4; in the end, 27 fellows attended the meeting.

Achievements: fellows who attended the national meeting were able to,

  • identify opportunities for collaboration among different fellows in order to improve communication and strengthen the fellows’ network
  • renew their commitment to the program
  • identify new tools to advocate at the level of local governments and decision-makers
  • share stories of personal and professional growth, and what it has meant for them to be a GOJoven Fellow

Fellows discuss sexual and reproductive health at the National Meeting in Honduras, October 2012

About impact results: the fellows discussed the importance of sustainability of the impact of the program for 2013 and 2014, the results of which discussion are,

  • the creation of a structured coordinating scheme for the next six months
  • the creation of a facilitating team in Tegucigalpa that will direct the sustainability process for the program
  • the selection of a representative in each region through a nomination process
  • the identification of “Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy” as an urgent issue the GOJoven Honduras team will be working on in the coming two years
  • the creation of an action plan with results and activities for each region, which regional teams will be implementing in the next six months
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