The Summit Foundation

The Summit Foundation seeks to promote the health and well-being of the planet – its people and its natural environment – by supporting organizations working to improve the world and quality of life for its inhabitants. Underlying this commitment to global sustainability are three core values that reflect the founders’ philosophy: Shifting the Context; Achieving Results; and Investing in People.

The Summit Foundation currently invests in two program areas: Global Population & Youth Leadership and Conservation of the Mesoamerican Reef.

The Global Population & Youth Leadership program focuses on increasing resources for reproductive health services throughout the developing world, and on creating a cadre of outstanding young professionals committed to improving adolescent reproductive health in Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and southeastern Mexico.

The Conservation Program seeks to ensure that the Mesoamerican Reef – shared by these same four countries – thrives as a healthy, productive ecosystem capable of supporting vibrant economies and providing abundant marine resources for generations to come.

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