This year, Public Health Institute turns 50!

phi50 logoFor half a century Public Health Institute (PHI) has been dedicated to improving the health, well-being and quality of life for people around the world.

Throughout 2014 we will be sharing PHI’s numerous accomplishments to improve the public’s health in California, in the US, and across the globe.  This includes highlighting the important impact of our numerous programs and projects on thousands of people, organizations and communities.

Each month PHI will highlight a specific area of work and plot PHI programs’ contributions to that area on a timeline.

Youth trained by GOJoven Honduras

Youth trained by GOJoven Honduras

  • In January PHI began by providing an overview of the 50th Anniversary
  • In February PHI highlighted GOJoven’s work in the area of Women, Children and Youth
  • March focused on Tech and Innovation projects
  • April highlighted PHI’s large body of work in Food Policy, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention
  • In May PHI focused on GOJoven’s growing work in Environmental Health and Climate Change

banner_shape-the-futureWhile PHI is turning 50, our Youth Leadership in Sexual and Reproductive Health Program (GOJoven) is turning 10! Over the years we have collaborated with over 200 youth leaders and their organizations in four countries, and now our graduates are creating a regional movement of young leaders in sexual and reproductive health and rights. GOJoven graduates are working hard to establish their own organizations to further the mission of GOJoven:

For over 10 years GOJoven has been inspiring youth leaders with the power of change to ensure that youth human rights are promoted and protected everywhere. Stay up to date with GOJoven’s progress in the region by liking us on Facebook  and subscribing to news updates below.

You can share your thoughts about what public health has accomplished–and what we need to do in the next 50 years–on PHI’s Facebook page or Twitter feed using #phi50, or by emailing PHI directly.


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