Adriana Molina Castro

foto de personasAdriana Molina Castro, a dentist from La Ceiba, was 25 years old when she was selected as a GOJoven Fellow.  Adriana is passionate about and committed to improving the reproductive health of young people in her community.  After she returned from her university studies in Tegucigalpa she saw how beset the young people of La Ceiba were with the problems of early pregnancy, unemployment and HIV infection. She has worked at a health clinic as the only dentist in the area, and has volunteered with the NGO Center for the Promotion of Family Health and Assistance (CEPROSAF) and the Youth Employment Summit (YES) campaign, working with rural youth to empower them through leadership and knowledge. Adriana is committed to serving her community, both in her clinical work and through her outreach work.

Posted in Honduras 2005.