Roberto Carlos Flores Lainez

foto de personasRoberto became a GOJoven Fellow when he was 26 years old. He worked in San Pedro Sula, teaching teachers, and has also been a leader in his church as a youth group leader. He is particularly concerned about helping adolescents adjust to life changes, and to ensure that they can protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. A computer aficionado, Roberto has taught Mathematics and Computer Technology in Escuela Normal Mixta del Litoral Atlántico (ENMLA) and at Instituto Superación Valle de Lean.  He received a Summit Educational Scholarship in 2007 to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in Math at the Universidad Pegagógica Nacional “Francisco Morazán” in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Currently, he works in the Atlantic Coast Regional Center for Continuing Education as a Training Technician, where he trains teachers from the departments of Atlántida, Colon, Yoro, Gracias a Dios, and Islas de la Bahía.

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Adriana Molina Castro

foto de personasAdriana Molina Castro, a dentist from La Ceiba, was 25 years old when she was selected as a GOJoven Fellow.  Adriana is passionate about and committed to improving the reproductive health of young people in her community.  After she returned from her university studies in Tegucigalpa she saw how beset the young people of La Ceiba were with the problems of early pregnancy, unemployment and HIV infection. She has worked at a health clinic as the only dentist in the area, and has volunteered with the NGO Center for the Promotion of Family Health and Assistance (CEPROSAF) and the Youth Employment Summit (YES) campaign, working with rural youth to empower them through leadership and knowledge. Adriana is committed to serving her community, both in her clinical work and through her outreach work.

Dalila Flores

foto de personasDalila Flores was 27 when she became a GOJoven Fellow.  She is a well-spoken energetic nurse who has worked in both the emergency and maternity wards in the public hospital in Coxen Hole, Roatan. She has also served as a member of her local community council. Dalila’s concern about the high number of adolescent mothers that she sees both in the hospital and in the community motivates her to dedicate her life to improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Honduras.

Andy Lopez

foto de personasAndy Lopez is trained as an Emergency Medical Technician. He has worked in the health clinic at Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan and has also managed the decompression chamber there. Andy has volunteered with the Roatan HIV/AIDS Committee and has been a leader in his church. As Sub-Director of First Aid at the Red Cross, Andy has coordinated trainings, managed volunteers, and has provided instruction for youth and local communities on first aid, swimming, disaster preparedness, and HIV/AIDS. Andy is interested in the links between population, health and the environment. As he is cognizant of the important role that tourism plays in Roatan’s economic development, he is concerned with the development of the reef and the people of Roatan. Andy is an energetic, charismatic and well-connected leader.

Luis Enrique Garcia

foto de personasLuis Enrique Garcia was 24 years old when he became a GOJoven Fellow and has served as the President of the “patronato,” or city council, of Sambo Creek, a Garifuna village located 20 kilometers east of La Ceiba. An articulate, dynamic and visionary leader of his community, Luis Enrique understands the problems posed to his community by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and is eager to use his knowledge of sexual and reproductive health in order to better address these challenges.