Alexis Daniel Guzman Santos

Alexis is originally from the Department of Quetzaltenango. He is currently in his eighth semester of academic training in Human Rights, Sociopolitics, and Reproductive Health. Alexis is a member of the National Youth Forum, for the rights of young people, and is also a Delegate before the civic committee of Quetzaltenango. Alexis has volunteer experience as a facilitator at the Observatory of Sexual and Reproductive Youth of Quetzaltenango (OSAR). Also, as part of his career training, he was certified by the Ministry of Education as a facilitator in the subject of Integral Sexual Education at the national level, to be able to intervene in schools. His goal is to work in spaces to promote the defense of Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights, in order to guarantee the decision-making and autonomy of the adolescents and youth of Guatemala.

Posted in Guatemala 2017.