Ana Lourdes Del Rosario Tojin Mich

ana-lourdes-tojin-2016Ana Lourdes, a 2005 fellow, served as the Executive Director of GOJoven Guatemala since its founding in 2014 until 2019. She was 25 years old when she was selected as a GOJoven Fellow, while working for ALAS Association, an organization based in Antigua, Guatemala, that promotes sexual and reproductive health training in rural communities. Overcoming cultural obstacles and strong community pressure, Lourdes organized a family planning clinic and brought APROFAM’s (an IPPF affiliate) mobile sterilization unit to her hometown. She also served as Director of the Poder-Joven project at the Community Health Services Association (ASECSA). She graduated from the GOJoven Trainer of Trainers process and is a member of the Coordinating Committee for Guatemala’s ICPD+20 Advocacy Group. As a GOJoven alumnus, she received a Summit Scholarship which helped her obtain her undergraduate degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Development Management.

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