Armando Ernesto Cucul

???????????????????????????????Armando is a member and youth leader of the Aguacate Youth Group in the Toledo district. He enjoys working with youth and would like to empower them with the knowledge, skills and values to become productive citizens. He is currently also a member and captain of the Aguacate football team, while he pursues a higher education degree at The Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ITVET). His short term goal is to further his education in the Information Technology field at the University of Belize and he hopes to open his own IT business.

Vaniah Abigale Bailey

Vaniah Bailey - CroppedVaniah has studied Pharmacy at the University of Belize and is now earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy Management at the University of the West Indies Belize Campus. She has worked with young people as a tour guide at the National Museum and builds strong relationships with her peers. She currently works as a pharmacist and volunteers with and at times serves as a consultant for PASMO Belize, which uses research and social marketing strategies to improve HIV prevention and foster sexual and reproductive health in communities throughout Belize. Originally from the small village of Hattieville in the Cayo district, Vaniah hopes one day to be able to return and raise a family there.

Amir Alejandro Rodriguez

Amir Rodriguez - CroppedAmir is a member of the Purple Movement, where he assists in fundraising and training sessions about how laboratory technology should be used to improve police investigations of crimes against marginalized youth and advocates the government on this issue. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from the University of Belize in Belmopan City, works as a lab technician and is very excited to be a part of GOJoven. Amir was 21 years old when he became a GOJoven Fellow.

Kelsie Louis Ciego

Kelsie Ciego - CroppedKelsie is a member of the Belize Defence Force Volunteer Battalion and a volunteer for the Department of Youth Services, where he was recognized for his generous support to youth in the Stann Creek District. Kelsie’s short term goal is to join the regular force in pursuit of becoming a high-ranking officer in order to strengthen and build sexual health knowledge which is not currently addressed in the force. Kelsie’s long term goal is to become a politician or the Minister of Health of Belize. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Sociology from Ecumenical Junior College.

Catherine Joy Guzman

Catherine Joy Guzman _ croppedCatherine works as Youth Enhancement Coordinator at the Department of Youth Services in the Belize district, where she works with at-risk youth, ensuring they have access to training that responds to their needs. Through GOJoven Belize, her short term goal is to learn as much as possible about sexual and reproductive health in order to go out to communities and give young people the knowledge they need to protect themselves. Her long term goals include earning an advanced degree in sexual and reproductive health and working towards achieving zero new infections of HIV and other STIs. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University.

Alisha Deshawn Solis

Alisha Solis - CroppedAlisha holds a Nursing Degree from the University of Belize, which she completed with the help of a full scholarship granted by the Ministry Of Health. After graduating in 2010 with a Certificate in Practical Nursing and Midwifery, she was employed by the Ministry of Health where she works as a Rural Health Nurse at the Independence Polyclinic in the Stann Creek district. Her ultimate dream is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Alisha is a focused, ambitious young leader and service provider, learning from and overcoming the many obstacles she has confronted to achieve her goals while she helps others to do the same.

Mandy Amanda Pandy

Mandy Pandy - CroppedMandy has experience working with the Ministry of Health as a HECOPAB Officer in promoting wellness, preventing disease, offering basic health guidance, and ensuring that the communities she aids receive all the necessary services from the health facilities. These services are provided with the assistance of community health workers. Mandy’s long term goals are to become a knowledgeable sexual health educator, teach youth and work towards the prevention of teenage pregnancy in southern Belize. She also hopes to cultivate strong and active health committees in every local community. Her short term goal is to finish her training with GOJoven successfully and become a part of the Alumni Association. Mandy’s greatest passion is educating others and seeing the effects of behavior change towards sexual health and pregnancy prevention at an early age. She holds an Associate’s Degree in General Studies/Tourism from Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College.

Tricia Oliva Gordon

Tricia Gordon - CroppedTricia works for the Ministry of Health as a Nursing Assistant at the Corozal Community Hospital where she is able to make her dream of helping others come true. She loves nurturing the ill back to health and she continues to be a positive influence in the lives of others in any way she can. Tricia hopes to use the knowledge she gained with GOJoven Belize to assist young women who visit the hospital on a daily basis and continue to be a positive influence in the lives of her peers and adolescents in her community. Tricia’s long term goal is to become a Staff Nurse Midwife and a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, offering counseling to young men and women in her community. She holds a Nursing Degree from the University of Belize.

Monique Melissa Rivers

Monique Rivers - CroppedAt the age of 17 Monique was employed by the Ministry of Health as a Data Entry Clerk at the Independence Polyclinic in the Stann Creek district, where she was later given the opportunity to develop her own youth outreach program which eventually blossomed into the L.E.A.P. Outreach Program. Currently the Director of L.E.A.P., Monique conducts an annual summer certificate program, leads an active youth group, hosts community awareness fairs and networks on behalf of her community and at-risk youth. Through this initiative, she has brought services to her community that had been inaccessible, and has been a part of groundbreaking committees and partnerships. Monique has a passion for youth empowerment and community transformation and believes there is no limit as to what you can empower youth to achieve. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting, and also has experience with peer education training through the Belize Red Cross.

Adir Amin Chan

Adir Amin Chan - CroppedAfter completing his Associate’s Degree in Psychology at St. John’s Junior College in 2012, Adir worked for the Ministry of Health to implement the Central American Behavioral Surveillance survey. As an interviewer, he researched the prevalence of HIV and other STIs, speaking with people living with HIV, including female sex workers. After completing his time with the Ministry of Health, he started volunteering as an interviewer at C-NET+ (Collaborative Network for People Living with HIV). Adir then had the opportunity to become a Peer Educator on Sexual and Reproductive Health for PASMO Belize (Pan-American Social Marketing Organization), where he gained knowledge and demonstrated his passion for educating adolescents and helping implement behavioral changes in the community. He continues to volunteer at C-NET+ and do consultancy for PASMO. In the future, he sees himself becoming an even stronger leader in improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Belize.