Delmore Zane Santino

Delmore SantinoDelmore loves working with youth, especially young people of his age. He started off by volunteering at the Department of Youth Services (DYS), where he attended youth leadership camps and meetings and workshops that focused on youth empowerment and development, and also served as assistant supervisor of the DYS Computer Lab. As a result of his volunteerism, Delmore was selected for the Youth Apprentice post at DYS Punta Gorda Branch. He graduated from Toledo Community College in 2014 and aspires to achieve a higher rank in DYS. Delmore’s long term goals are to ensure that most youth in Belize are equipped with a positive mindset and are willing to participate in all gender and youth-related activities. He believes that sexual and reproductive health is a central topic in contemporary Belizean society and that if young people are not educated about the risks of unsafe sexual intercourse this will lead to further increases in STI incidence. He is convinced that, as young people need, he and his peers need to look out for each other and be aware of the risks they face in society. He believes that the educational opportunity provided by GOJoven can help address this need.

Posted in Belize 2015.