Diana Fabiola Tojín Silva

Diana is originally from La Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez and was selected as a GOJoven Guatemala Fellow when she was 20 years old. She has completed an Urban Elementary Education Teacher accreditation program and has a Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology. Diana is on the middle school teaching staff for History and Social Sciences in the University of San Carlos, Guatemala’s School of History. Additionally, she is a social activist with knowledge and experience in SRH and SRR issues.

Diana started getting involved with Sexual and Reproductive Health issues when she was 15 as a youth facilitator. She was also a participant in forums as a volunteer of the Association for Local Development IXIM, and in efforts to advocate for and educate young people on politics and participation in political and educational issues in Guatemala and the Observatory for Sexual and Reproductive Health (OSAR). In addition to being involved in these informative spaces, she influences her social circle by sharing her knowledge and resolving doubts about the issues that youth have.

Posted in Guatemala 2016.