Emma Yolanda Cojmargos

Emma is originally from Palín, Escuitla and was selected as a GOJoven Guatemala Fellow when she was 22 years old. In addition, Emma is a Teacher in Urban Primary Education and has knowledge in Sexual and Reproductive Health. She is a member of the Network of Women of Diversity where she currently has experience as a facilitator with women’s groups on the topics of violence and gender equity. Emma has had experience in advocacy with local youth groups and at the Mayan Languages Academy to help them reclaim the Poqoman language. With this GOJoven training, she seeks to strengthen her knowledge on the topics of Sexual Health and Reproductive Health in order to defend the rights of adolescents and young people in her community. One of Emma’s dreams is to be an activist for the promotion of the rights of the young people of Palín, Escuintla.

Posted in Guatemala 2016.