Ivonne Elena Miranda Card

Ivonne Elena Miranda Card was 25 years old when she became a GOJoven Fellow. Ivonne, a Garifuna woman, graduated with a BA in Psychology at the Universidad Católica de Honduras Nuestra Señora Reina de la Paz in La Ceiba, Honduras in 2007, and later obtained her Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Education from the Catholic University of Honduras. Upon completing her BA, Ivonne returned to her community and worked as a Psychologist for nearly six years providing individual mental health counseling to adolescents at the Hospital Dr. Salvador Paredes Adolescent Health Center in Trujillo, where she integrated sexual and reproductive health education and services into the Center’s work, as well as in her own counseling. Alongside other GOJoven alumni in Honduran, Ivonne was a co-founder of Asociación GOJoven Honduras in 2014. Ivonne currently resides in her native Santa Fe, department of Colón, Honduras, where she trains local young leaders on sexual and reproductive health issues from a human rights perspective for the project “Together Preventing Pregnancy in Adolescents in Honduras”, implemented by Asociación GOJoven Honduras. From July to December 2018, she served the Association as Interim Executive Director. In the future, Ivonne wants to continue training young people in family planning issues, advising them about their sexual and reproductive rights. She believes that an empowered and informed young person is guaranteed to be a more committed change agent for him/herself and others.

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