Kevin Alexander Ajanel Archila

Kevin is originally from Guatemala City and was born and raised in a so-called red zone where violence ends the lives of so many children, adolescents and young people merely seeking an opportunity to develop as human beings. Kevin is a leader and defender of human rights, as well as a young revolutionary with knowledge of history and a social conscience. He was selected as a GOJoven Guatemala Fellow at the age of 18. He is currently studying the 4th year of his Bachelor’s degree and has knowledge of SSR, EIS, and advocacy. He has facilitated training processes for other young people by involving or incorporating popular education techniques such as roleplaying and games as methods of learning. His participation began in 2012 with an NGO that addressed the aforementioned issues, and from there he joined different civil society organizations as a volunteer. He is currently involved in SODEJU FUNDAJU as a facilitator of training processes and provides assistance to other community-based organizations.

Posted in Guatemala 2016.