Saul Pauu Maaz

Fellow's photoSaul Pauu Maaz, is an indigenous Q’eqchi’ Mayan leader.  he has taught pedagogy to teachers-in-training in the Bi-lingual High School in the rural town of Sayaxché, Petén, Guatemala.  He worked on the bi-lingual radio novella “Entre dos Caminos-Sa’xxaallib’e” (Between Two Paths) for Fundación ProPetén, where he was responsible for adapting, narrating and developing the Q’eqchí version of this popular radio show that focused on social and health topics of importance to Petén communities such as reproductive health, family planning, STIs, including HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive rights, and prevention of gender based violence.  In 2007, Saul launched his campaign for mayor of Sayaxché, and although he was not elected, he plans to continue a career in politics.  As a GOJoven Fellows in GOJoven, Saul hopes to improve his existing skills in developing, implementing and evaluating programs as well as hone his writing skills to create new radio programs that integrate sexual and reproductive health, interculturalism and the challenges of globalization.

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Posted in Guatemala 2006.