Saul Pauu Maaz

Fellow's photoSaul Pauu Maaz, is an indigenous Q’eqchi’ Mayan leader.  he has taught pedagogy to teachers-in-training in the Bi-lingual High School in the rural town of Sayaxché, Petén, Guatemala.  He worked on the bi-lingual radio novella “Entre dos Caminos-Sa’xxaallib’e” (Between Two Paths) for Fundación ProPetén, where he was responsible for adapting, narrating and developing the Q’eqchí version of this popular radio show that focused on social and health topics of importance to Petén communities such as reproductive health, family planning, STIs, including HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive rights, and prevention of gender based violence.  In 2007, Saul launched his campaign for mayor of Sayaxché, and although he was not elected, he plans to continue a career in politics.  As a GOJoven Fellows in GOJoven, Saul hopes to improve his existing skills in developing, implementing and evaluating programs as well as hone his writing skills to create new radio programs that integrate sexual and reproductive health, interculturalism and the challenges of globalization.

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José Roberto Luna Manzanero

Fellow's photoJose Roberto Luna Manzanero was selected as a GOJoven Fellow at the age of 22 and has been working in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights since the age of 12. Jose Roberto’s professional experience includes coordinating the youth component of the government’s National Program for Sexual and Reproductive Health.  He is a talented trainer and created the National Intersectoral Commission on Comprehensive Youth and Adolescent Health Services to advocate for young people’s sexual and reproductive rights.  Jose Roberto has worked as an advisor for the National Program on AIDS and as Technical Assistant in Public Policy and is an active member of Incidejoven, a national network of youth activists in Guatemala.

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Esther Barajas

Bio pic Esther Barajas 9.6.16Esther Barajas was selected as a GOJoven Fellow in 2006 at the age of 18. Her activism in adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) began while serving as a volunteer with the Red Cross at the age of 13. She started working with Asociación TAN UX’IL in 2007, an organization dedicated to promoting adolescent and youth SRH in Peten, Guatemala, joining as Youth Prevention Services Coordinator, and later taking on the role of Public Relations Coordinator for the Yeny Mendoza Leadership Academy, and then Coordinator for the Community Access to Contraceptives Program. Esther is currently the Coordinator of the TAN UX’IL Health and Leadership Program, as well as President of the Board of Directors of Asociación GOJoven Guatemala, and Psychology Professor at San Carlos University of Guatemala-Peten Branch. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology from Mariano Galvez University thanks to the Summit Scholarship from the Summit Foundation and a GOJoven Training of Trainers certificate. She studied Public Policy Monitoring and Evaluation and received a scholarship to study Professional Leadership with the Guatemalan Leadership Association (ALG) in 2015. Esther is about to complete her Master’s degree in Mental Health and Clinical Psychology and is very dedicated to eradicating pregnancy and sexual abuse in girls and adolescents and to ensuring adolescents have access to differentiated, youth-friendly SRH services. She also works closely with the media (radio and television), including playing the role of Elena on the radio show “Between Two Roads” by Fundación Pro-Petén and working for the Guatemalan radio program “Código 0”.

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