Silvia Xiomara García Méndez

Silvia Xiomara García Méndez was 23 when she became a GOJoven Fellow. Xiomara has been a leader since she was 13 years old, participating in youth groups as a coordinator in the communities of Puerto Lempira and Olancho.  She has served as a volunteer in a joint program of the United Nations in cultural identity issues and also with a local women’s organization, and has also worked as a teacher at the high school Centro de Educación Básica (BasicEducationCenter).  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in basic education and is fluent in Misquito. She believes that children should be taught about sexual and reproductive health at an early age, especially in her community where adolescent pregnancy is very common. Xiomara is truly committed to working with youth and her main objective is to increase educational opportunities for her students. Her strongest passion is to promote sexual and reproductive health of youth in her community, through work with different organizations, parents and teachers.

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Posted in Honduras 2010.