Ivonne Yolanda Díaz del Valle Oliva

GOJoven Fellow's PhotoIvonne Yolanda Díaz del Valle Oliva became a GOJoven Fellow at age 26 and has volunteered at the National Association of Alumni Fellows for the Development of Honduras.  She has facilitated camps for hundreds of youth throughoutHonduras, developing their leadership through environmental awareness and team activities.  Ivonne and her organization saw in GOJoven an opportunity to learn more about sexual and reproductive health and integrated the topic into their youth camps.  Ivonne graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and completed her thesis on knowledge and behavior in relationship to the environment.  She is a passionate leader who believes strongly in peer education and who values teamwork.

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Alex Eduardo Sorto Ortiz

Alex became a GOJoven Fellow at age 21. He is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) activist and was previously director of the Youth in Movement Association (AJEM), which was established as part of the Honduran 2007 GOJoven Leadership Action Plan. Currently, Alex is Director of the Center for Development and Cooperation LGTBI (SOMOS CDC). His academic background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Social Development, a Master’s Degree in Project Management, a Doctorate in Senior Management and he is currently studying to attain a law degree. His work as an LGBTI leader led him to work with other young people on sexual and reproductive health issues, particularly HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive rights. Visionary and directed, Alex sees himself working with the United Nations or an NGO helping people from marginalized communities.

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Wendy Lizeth Aguilar Martinez

WendyWendy Liz Aguilar is a professional Social Worker who has worked in institutional and strategic strengthening at the Libre Expresión Association where she was Coordinator and Social and Cultural Project Manager. In 2008 she carried out research with FLACSO and in 2010 was a member of the production team of the documentary short “En mis tacones” (In my high heels), which was selected as Best Central American Documentary Short in the ICARO Film Festival. She has also worked at theHonduranCenter of Research and Promotion of Human Rights (CIPRODEH). Wendy is interested in further studying community feminism, participating inHonduras’ Sexual Diversity movement and promoting Integrated Sexual Education with an emphasis on Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Wendy was 21 when she became a GOJoven Fellow.

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Israel Antonio Barahona Reyes

Israel Antonio Barahona Reyes is currently Program Manager at the Asociación GOJoven Honduras, where he supports the organization’s many programs including ZonaSegura in partnership with USA based organizations YTH and PHI. Antonio completed his Bachelor Degree in Psychology at the Catholic University of Honduras. He became a GOJoven Fellow at age 20 and has been a dynamic and charismatic volunteer at the Population Services International-sponsored Club en Conexion in Tegucigalpa.  Antonio has worked as a facilitator at the Club, where he has trained peer educators and monitored their work to educate youth on sexuality and reproductive health. With a true commitment to working with youth, Antonio hopes to one day manage radio programs that inform young people about sexual and reproductive health. He believes that each person is born a leader and wants to help develop their potential.

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José Francisco Ponce Ramos

GOJoven Fellow's PhotoJose Francisco Ponce Ramos is a very dynamic and creative leader. He has participated as a trainer in PASMO’s youth program “Club in Connection” and as a youth leader in ASHONPLAFA’s “Among Youth Center.” In both programs, Jose Francisco used art as a channeling method in order to empower youth. He also has experience as Artistic Director of Proyecto Gritón (Screamer Project), an independent art group comprised of youth. He has a degree in Communication and Publicity, and believes that artistic activities can strengthen friendships and teamwork. Jose Francisco was 26 years old when he was selected to participate in the GOJoven program.