Wendy Lizeth Aguilar Martinez

WendyWendy Liz Aguilar is a professional Social Worker who has worked in institutional and strategic strengthening at the Libre Expresión Association where she was Coordinator and Social and Cultural Project Manager. In 2008 she carried out research with FLACSO and in 2010 was a member of the production team of the documentary short “En mis tacones” (In my high heels), which was selected as Best Central American Documentary Short in the ICARO Film Festival. She has also worked at theHonduranCenter of Research and Promotion of Human Rights (CIPRODEH). Wendy is interested in further studying community feminism, participating inHonduras’ Sexual Diversity movement and promoting Integrated Sexual Education with an emphasis on Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Wendy was 21 when she became a GOJoven Fellow.

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Posted in Honduras 2007.