Emilio Ajcalón Churunel

Milo is the founder and current President of the youth group AJPU in San Lucas Toliman in the south of Atitlan Lake in the Department of Sololá. This group is a member of the Maya Peoples Federation (FEDEMPA) from the Network for the Defense of Food Sovereignty of Guatemala (REDSAG). As a young indigenous leader, Milo works with topics of the Maya cosmology, permaculture, and environment, as well as public advocacy issues. He has social vision, a conviction to work with youth, and knowledge of community organization and participation. He graduated from Colegio Integral Toliman (CIT) as a Primary Education Teacher in 2003, and would like to study Sociology. Milo was 28 years old when he was selected as a GOJoven Fellow.

Posted in Guatemala 2012.