Erick Bocel

ErickErick was 28 years old when he was selected as a GOJoven Fellow. He was working for a program of the Committee for AIDS Prevention Educators (COEPSIDA) on SRH and HIV/AIDS education within the Department of Education at Sololá when he was selected as a Fellow.  He coordinated trainings in these topics for teachers, students, and young people with NGOs, and the Ministry of Health.  Erick would like to have an influence in the education department and the education sector to develop an SRH network that includes a process to develop young leaders in all municipalities, both at basic and diversified levels. Erick is fluent in Spanish and Kaqchikel. His short-term goal is to finish his thesis and graduate in Business Administration. Currently, he works for the Department of Education in Sololá as Assistant to the Educational Delivery Section and liaison for the Education for Peace Program (EDUPAZ).

Posted in Guatemala 2012.